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Forget New Years resolutions……what can you learn in 30 days?

We all know the statistics about breaking all those well intended resolutions, around 8% of people actually manage to keep them. The key is to keep it simple, make it tangible and focus on small goals. So why not try a monthly goal instead?

What can you learn in 30 days?

  • Learn to Code
One of the most useful things you could do with a month is learn to code. No matter what the occupation employees can benefit from knowing code. An understanding from basic Excel to advanced scripts can increase your efficiency, even in everyday projects.  The Software Developer Diploma from Pitman Training in Waterford is your entry route to a job as a programmer or developer plus you get the chance to learn about Java.
  • Learn Basic IT
It’s also enough time to gain understanding of how computers work, which might just help the next time you’re frustrated because your laptop is running slowly or Netflix is down. The flexible Pitman Training IT Office Administrator Diploma provides basic IT fundamentals training and is your route to a job in IT as an office admin in the tech sector.
  • Learn PC Support
The Pitman Training Comptia A+ series provides the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in PC Support and is a great course suitable for beginners into the IT industry.
  • Learn Social Media skills
Become comfortable using the most popular social media platforms and work through each step by step. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The Pitman Training Social Media Award provides practical skills on how to use the different social platforms, combined with communication skills to ensure you share your ideas productively.
  • Learn Photoshop
Photoshop CC is the popular image editing application to create and manipulate images for web and print. This short course is perfect if you want learn how everything works in Photoshop and take your photographs to the next level or perhaps you want to refine your skills for work. 
Keep ahead of the competition for that new role or promotion and learn valuable essential double-entry bookkeeping skills and computerised accounts skills in no time at all.
  • Learn Office skills
Whether you are a new or an experienced office admin professional, learning new and updated skills for Business Document Management, Microsoft Office or Business Communication is key to enhance your career.

So kick-start the new year now by embracing a new skill for your own personal or career goals and look forward to the satisfactory wave of achievement by next month! You can then start planning your next small but signification step in life!

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