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Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

The more you can stretch your marketing budget, the more marketing you can do and the more marketing you get done, the more customers you’re going to have. You have to get the word out about your business and find creative ways to create buzz and interest. The following eight ways can help you stretch your marketing budget.

Content Marketing Is King

There is no way around it, creating educational, informative, compelling content for your audience is still one of the very best ways to get the word out about your business. You can create the content yourself, hire a ghost writer, and use private label rights (PLR) content or you could use a company such as FX Digital. With a successful content marketing campaign you can generate many thousands of unique visitors to your website, hundreds of thousands of page views and many thousands of social media followers, in my opinion everything should start with content.

Email Marketing Is Still Highly Successful

Every business owner should be building their email list. Work on moving people from social media and your blog to sign up for your email list. Ensure that you get them to double opt-in to avoid SPAM law issues. Marketing to people with permission is the most effective form of marketing there is especially if you can establish your authority first.

Attract Affiliate Marketers

Simply give them a percentage of sales, some graphics and marketing information and let other people promote your products and services for you. You can have an entire legion of people out there promoting and selling your products just for a percentage of any sale they generate.

Stretch your marketing budget with a Joint Venture

Working temporarily with others in a joint venture agreement on one project can actually help you expand your market for other products and services that you offer, too. Sharing resources will stretch your marketing budget exponentially and could really push your business forward.

Offer Free Work in Exchange for Exposure

Find high-ranking blogs and websites that need content and offer original to specification content in exchange for your byline and bio. Not only will this increase your authority, but it will also help get the word out about your business fast.

Build Long Term Relationships

You already have contacts and customers, so you need to pay close attention to them. It’s a lot less expensive to keep a customer than to get a new one, get close to the customers you have to help develop a sense of loyalty this means that you are loyal to them and them to you.

Get Published

Write an eBook and publish it on Kindle about your main topic of expertise. You can give it away free on Kindle to build up the sales numbers, and then charge for it later. The point of the book is to get your name out there as an expert, so that others come to you.

Get Your Customers to Promote You

Ask your customers to give you testimonials on LinkedIn, YouTube and more that you can use to promote your business. Have a contest; best video gets some free product or services, give them a title, some guidelines, and let them go for it, you’ll often be amazed at the results.

Business Networking

I love to go to local networking events and I would recommend that every single business attends a chamber of commerce networking event. You’ll meet other local businesses, find prospective customers and you’ll make long term business connections and friends that will help you out and act as a source of referrals.
Stretch your marketing budget with these creative ideas so that you can get the word out about your products and your business.

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