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“You have the professional skills to get the job but have you got the right people skills?”

Having the right qualifications and experience is fantastic when applying for a job opportunity but if you don’t have the right attitude to go with them then your chances of being offered the job are hugely decreased. 
People Skills are most often thought of as a set of skills that allow us to communicate, relate and socialise with others. They come down to how well people interact with each other, both verbal and non-verbal.    All employers know they need a team of employees with good people skills.  They are harder to teach than technical skills so it is vital you portray a good attitude in your interview.  Below are some skills and attributes you need to succeed in the workplace.


This is the most fundamental people skill because it encompasses your character and ability to get along with other colleagues.  If you are a good communicator you will contribute more in the workplace and therefore have a great opportunity for promotions, recognition etc. 


We all know how important it is to be honest with your employers and co-workers.  Honesty is essential in building trust among your colleagues and if you lose this it is almost impossible to regain.  It is without a doubt the foundation of any relationship particularly in business.


Everyone wants to be around people that support them in the form of encouragement no matter what their job title is.  You should always be motivational around your boss and co-workers.  Being around an enthusiastic person with drive and high energy will keep you headed in the right direction and every business needs this to succeed.

Sense of humor

Who doesn’t enjoy laughing?   Humor is a key success at work.  A lot of people may hold back their humor in the workplace for fear of offending someone or maybe not being funny but generally a bit of humor reduces stress and will break any tension barrier that may be sensed. 

Be genuinely interested in others

People know when you’re truly interested in them. If you’re not showing a genuine interest, asking thoughtful questions etc. your interaction can actually have an opposite effect to the one intended.  Showing genuine interest and care will also increase the trust others have in you.

“Your career success in the workplace of today, independent of technical expertise depends on the quality of your people skills.”


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