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Thinking of a career in Event Management?

Are you a good organiser? Do you enjoy planning? Do you pay attention to the little details that make all the difference? Are you always on the lookout for new ideas? If so – then perhaps you should consider a career in Event Management.

Event management is about planning and co-ordination. It’s about understanding health and safety legislation. Knowing when you need licences or special permissions. Mostly, Event Management is about making creative ideas come to life and doing so professionally.

Event organising is a very sought after role, whether in its own right or within a wider job spec. But it’s
not as easy as it may first appear – and the secret is in being ultra organised.
Not to worry though, because here at Pitman Training Waterford we have the right training to make you feel confident and ready to begin a career in Event Management.

What our training provides you with:

Taking you through practical steps to ensure your event success you’ll learn skills such as:

Project management – planning and executing successful events
Organising activities with clear schedules
Communicating effectively to get the best from your team
Marketing your events to gain maximum attendance
Business use of Microsoft systems, using IT to be more efficient and productive

After your practical training, you’ll find an increased confidence in planning and running events, and much of the stress will be reduced as you feel more in control. You’ll have a formula to use for any events you run in this job, and in your future career. Nationally recognised by employers it also looks great on
your CV.

If you think this is the career for you or even if you are still unsure why not speak to one of our course advisors for more information on this diploma and many more.  Call us now to make an appointment on 051 574136.

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  1. Fantastic, practical Diploma full of clear and valuable office skills along with specialised event planning modules delivered over flexible training times! Highly recommend it!