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Succeeding at internal interviews

… Being interviewed for a role with your existing employer can seem like a breeze.   You know the people.  You understand the company, and you have a successful track record that should speak for itself – right? ...

Not entirely true!  You need to prepare for an internal interview just as thoroughly as you would for an external one and you need to sell yourself just as hard.  While the surroundings might be familiar and your interviewer might even be a friendly face, you can’t lose sight of the fact that this is a new position, and there are more than likely a lot of other candidates up for the role also. 
However, if you are attending an internal job interview, there is a good chance your employer likes you.  If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have a chance at the position.  Showcase your skills and remind them why they like you, but most importantly, treat the interview like you would any other interview.
Here are some tips to remember when attending an internal interview:
Dress right

If you are going for an internal interview, you should dress like you would to any other job interview.  Don’t let your dress code mess up your chances.  Dressing the part of an interviewee shows your employer that you are taking this role seriously so make sure to pull out the suit on interview day. 

Sell yourself

Don’t assume that the interviewing panel is familiar with your skills and accomplishments.  Bring a CV to the interview along with references if you have them.  Don’t be shy to talk about the skills you have and don’t forget to explain why you want this role and why you think you are the most suited candidate for the position.


One benefit of interviewing with your current employer is you will find it easier to get information regarding the interviewing panel, job spec etc.  Use this to your advantage.  Talk to the person who last held the specific role you are interviewing for.  Ask about the real challenges of the job and the upsides of it.  Also, try to speak informally with the hiring manager regarding the job requirements.  You will then be able to tailor your interview to suit the job opportunity. 

Don’t assume the role is yours

Don’t assume you are the only person interviewing for this particular job opportunity.  You will probably be asked what you will do if you do not get the position and it is important not to be dramatic.  Avoid threats of leaving the company.  Explain to the interviewer that you will take on board why you didn’t get the position and consider up skilling in those areas to give you a better chance the next time a position within the company becomes available.

Follow up

Make sure to follow up after the interview just as you would any other interview.  A simple thank you letter or email will do.  Even though you work there it is still very important to do this.  This will also give you the opportunity to express your interest for the particular role again and thank them for their time.

…Overall, best of luck with the interview and if you keep these 5 tips in mind, you’ll be sure to ace it…

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