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5 Signs You’re in a Dead End Job

f it feels like your career has come to a major standstill, chances are these feelings aren't in your head. Maybe you had big plans for your career while in college, such as starting an entry-level position and slowly climbing the career ladder. However, our careers don’t always go according to plan and, sometimes, we can find ourselves in a dead end position.
If you feel trapped and unfulfilled at work, here are five signs you're in a dead end job.
1. Same Routine Year After Year
If you’ve been with a company for four or five years (or longer), yet your routine has remained the same since day one, it might be time to accept that you’ve gone as far as you can with the company.
This is especially true when your boss hasn’t given you any new assignments or responsibilities during this time, or if you haven't had a salary increase in recent years. Depending on your position or the size of the company, there may not be any opportunity for growth. So, you’ll have to look elsewhere for a challenging position where you can show your full potential.
2. Failed Attempts to Improve Your Job Description
If you've taken the initiative and approached your boss about expanding your job description, only to have your request ignored or shot down, it's time to move on.
Some employers don’t make adjustments to an employee's job description or give them greater responsibilities because it means they’ll have to pay this worker more. Some employers can’t afford the extra cost due to budget restrictions.
Although you may understand your employer’s position on the matter, don’t feel obligated to stay with the company, especially when it’s clear you're unable to advance your career or grow as an employee.
3. You're Overlooked for Promotions
Then again, maybe there’s opportunity for growth, but your employer constantly overlooks you for promotions or hires outside the company.
If you’re absolutely 100 percent confident that you're qualified for promotions you’re not being offered, your employer might feel you're not an asset or good enough to handle the task. You might also stay stuck in the same position if your boss shows favoritism to other employees. No matter how hard you work, it might be impossible to grow in this organization.
4. The Company Is Dying
As much as you like your job and the people you work with, you might be unable to ignore signs of a dying company.
If your boss has been complaining about low revenue and pitiful profits for months, or years, and if there hasn’t been any promotions or salary increases in recent years, the company might be slowly falling apart. The longer you stick around, the longer it'll take to advance your career.
5. You Hate Your Job
If going to work makes you physically sick and you hate the field you're working in, no promotion in the world is going to make you happy.
Create a plan to break out of this field and seek work that brings satisfaction and enjoyment. Depending on the type of degree you have, you may already have the qualifications to seamlessly move into a different career. For example, someone with an English degree can find work as an English teacher, a social media manager or a web content developer. You can also apply for jobs in public relations or human resources.
You deserve to work for a company that gives you the chance to move up, and you deserve a job that’s rewarding and fulfilling.
Many people understand the frustration of working a dead end job. Just know there's a way out. You have power over your career choices and path. But you have to step outside your comfort zone to find a career that’s a right fit.
Have you ever found yourself in a dead end job? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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