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Check out some of our Time Saving Courses

All our courses at Pitman Training have been developed to give you practical hands on advice, so that you can put into use what you learn as soon as you’ve completed the course. With courses ranging from a few hours to a few days we’re sure there’s an option to suit you.

Here’s some of the courses we offer that focus on saving you time in your everyday tasks.

Successful Meetings and Minutes
A core role in any office admin, secretarial or PA job is supporting your team, aiding productivity and efficiency in an otherwise manic world! Thousands of hours are wasted in the Irish workforce through ‘having meetings’ – but when used properly, productively and proficiently they can be very valuable forms of communication. This course aims to understand the different types of meetings, how they run and how best to organise your role as minute taker.

Time Management
Time management training increases your productivity and efficiency - and this is the perfect time management course for anyone who wants to get more done in less time. If you were designing perfect time management training courses, you’d end up with this one - it explores the techniques and skills needed for effective time management looking at work patterns, planning and scheduling and reinforcing your learning with activities and quizzes. Explore the skills and techniques needed for effective time management. Understand the main techniques required for effective time management to achieve personal objectives.

From the expert in secretarial and shorthand training, Pitman Training’s SpeedWriting course is a new way to learn the BakerWrite™Speed Writing system in just six hours. You’ll also find studying Speed Writing easy to organise around your work and home commitments as it is provided on a self-study basis, so you learn at your own pace. This Speed Writing course will help you accurately record the spoken word, to speeds of up to 40 wpm, through 3 practical, self-paced lessons.

Effective Business Communication
Effective communication skills are essential to master as they’re often at the top of the list of qualities demanded by employers. In this course over six modules you’ll begin by looking at the definition of effective business communication, the use of appropriate language and tone, how to plan your communication and the forms of written communication. You’ll also cover face-to-face communication, how to communicate effectively by phone, presentation skills and listening skills. Finally, you’ll look at online communication and how to effectively communicate online focusing on email, texts, online conferencing and more.

Communications in an Organisation
This e-learning course is different to most communication courses in that it focuses on the way that communications and information are managed within an organisation rather than personal communication techniques. The ability to communicate effectively is a vital component in anyone’s toolbox. The course will help you understand what gets in the way of effective communication; some of the different types of information available; and how to find and use the right information.

Keyboard Speed Development
Learning how to type fast is one thing. Learning to type faster whilst retaining accuracy is quite another! Our Keyboard Speed Development course will improve typing speed and keep your accuracy up to scratch too - so you’ll be more efficient and productive. We can take you as high as 70 words per minute and that’s a skill which is very much in demand.

Numeric Data Entry
Typing numbers is a laborious process. Touch-typing those numbers will improve your productivity and make every task much less painstaking and tedious. The Numeric Data Entry typing course only takes a few hours, but the time spent is invaluable. Unlike other typing courses, ours breaks down the keypad methodically, concentrating on two or three keys at a time to increase speed and accuracy. We cover data input in Excel and Access as part of the training, as well as an overall view of data entry work and of arithmetic operators.

This is just a small sample of the wide range of courses we offer. Please visit our website for a complete list or speak to your local course advisor on 051 574 136.

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