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Microsoft Office is the most universally utilised software suite in business and office environments. Employers across many industries and fields expect job seekers to have Microsoft Office Skills. 

You would not need to be at expert level in MS Office unless applying for a specific role however it will most definitely help your job prospects to be familiar and have a good working knowledge of the basics to be considered for most jobs. 

If you're applying for an Administrative position for example, you should be well versed in using Office programs for your daily tasks and in this instance your hiring manager will no doubt expect a high level of proficiency. For other jobs - even high level roles, literacy in at least Microsoft Word is expected.

MS Office includes many different desktop applications, and the most common for spreadsheets are Exceland Outlook for mail, Powerpoint for visual presentations and Word for desktop publishing.

The Pitman Training range of Microsoft Office courses provide a variety of fundamental skills required in businesses across the globe. Through each of the training courses in the Microsoft Office range, student's use live versions of the program required to enhance their learning experience.

For further details on the range of Microsoft Office courses provided by Pitman Training Waterford which can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, you can click on any of the below links.



Certificate Courses

To learn more about these and our range of flexi-learning part-time and full-time Microsoft Office training courses visit Pitman Training Waterford or call us in our centre in Waterford on 051 574 136 FREE 1800 532 632 or email waterford@pitman-training.ie WhatsApp 087 396 0854 

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