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6 tips to ace an interview

…The amount of preparation you do will determine how well you handle answering difficult questions... 

Interviews require a great amount of preparation.  The amount of preparation you do will determine how well you handle answering difficult questions.  Practicing commonly asked questions with a friend or family member prior to your interview is usually quiet helpful and this will also determine whether your answers sound good or bad or if you happen to be repeating yourself throughout the course of the interview.

Here are some helpful tips to remember when going for an interview:

·       Image is very important when attending an interview.  What you wear is highly influential during job interviews.

·       Relax - One of the main mistakes made in an interview is rushing your answers.  Don’t feel like you have to answer the interviewer’s question immediately.  Take a couple of seconds to think about what you have been asked and to compose an answer.

·       Don’t waffle – if you feel like you have gone off track, explain to the interviewer that you may have taken the wrong approach to answering the question.  Keep your answers brief and concise.

·       Ask Questions – Asking good questions will make a great impression and will also show the interviewer the preparation you have done.  Make sure to have researched the company as this will also show the interviewer that you have genuine interest in the position. 

·       Emphasise Achievements - It is important to let the interviewer know how you can make a difference as an employee.  Emphasise your achievements, point out specific examples of how you dealt with a certain situation in the workplace.  Make sure you speak about yourself individually rather than you as part of a team.

·       Positive Ending - At the end of an interview it is important to leave on a positive note.  When the interviewer asks if you would like to add anything else or perhaps have any questions, try and leave a lasting impression.  It is quiet possible everything was covered during the interview and you may not have any questions.  If this is the case maybe speak about how you would be the best person for the position repeating your key strengths.  Keep it short.  

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