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Considering a career change?

…You might know you want to do something different, but don’t have the courage to do it yet. Take a breath…

Planning a career change can be both an exciting and daunting experience.  It takes a lot of preparation and planning and unfortunately a career change doesn't happen overnight.   Whatever the reason for your choice Pitman Training Waterford are here to help you turn your daydream into a reality.


The first question you must ask yourself is why the sudden need to change careers.  Do you love your job but are unhappy in your workplace?  Would you think maybe you would be happy in a different company?  If this is the case then a career change isn't the answer.  You just need to focus on making the best out of the career you have.
However, if you are genuinely unhappy with your career and have a passion for something else then yes a career change is definitely for you.

Up skill

The first thing to think about when planning is what skills are you missing for this particular career?  Whether it be a career in I.T, Administration, Advanced Accounts or whatever it is you choose you will need to upgrade your skills and qualifications.  Don’t rush it, take one class at a time and build up your skills gradually.  Remember the most important thing in a career change is taking it slow.

Work experience

Another good tip is trying out your choice of career before making the big change.  Take up some voluntary work experience in your spare time and see how it goes.  If you enjoy it then you know it’s for you.

Be financially prepared

Debt kills your dreams!  If you are planning to leave your current job to begin a career change then you must be financially comfortable to do this.  If you are worrying about bills and other money issues then you cannot focus on your dream job as much as you should.  Save a bit before making any decisions or else work part time so you still have an income.

Ask for help

Seek advice from someone who is working in the field you are interested in.  Find out if they have been successful and get any useful tips off them. For more advice on a possible career change speak to one of our experts here at Pitman Training Waterford.  Call us now on 051 574136 or visit our website at www.pitman-training.ie/waterford.

It’s not all smooth sailing and you must be prepared for setbacks.  However, with the support of your family and friends and the right knowledge from Pitman Training you can make it work.

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