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Four Critical Steps to Employment

Rather than focus on what you have done in your career, start thinking about where you have added value and does your communication plan clearly demonstrate this?

Read and understand the following line very carefully. It will raise your awareness of what you need to do.

Think of Yourself as a Product or Service 
Like a company trying to get a product or service to market, what techniques will work?

1. Product / Service Definition (Understand what you are)
If you don’t know what the product or service can offer, how can you explain it let alone sell it? Would you buy something if you didn’t know what it did or how it would add value to your life? A buyer (employer) will hardly “buy” your offering if you don’t demonstrate what the product or service can do for them to improve their organisation.

2. Value Add (Understand where you can add value to the role and company)
How can your product or service add value to the buyer compared to other products or services in a crowded market? Understand what the buyer is looking for and ensure they are aware of your ability to fill that need better than the next product or service they are meeting with.

3. Communication Plan (Utilise the information you have researched about the company and opportunity)
Use multiple sources to gain information, both online & offline research. If there is no information on the internet about the company locally, use alternative methods of getting information. It is up to you to find out as much as you can before your meeting. Not conducting company research demonstrates a lack of creativity, resourcefulness and leaves room for other products or services to get inside you.

4. Go-To-Market Plan (Identify the person making the decision and advise them where how you can add value to their organisation, quickly!)
Have a consistent message for everyone you interact with so there is consistency with your offering through your CV, informal meetings, recruitment consultant meetings and interviews. Being consistent, concise and clear demonstrates confidence and offers reassurance. You may need to interact with several people before meeting the key decision maker.

Offer value, demonstrate your research capability, present well and create a positive response with those you interact with throughout the entire process electronically and in person. 

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