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MOMENTUM 2014 Programme Offers 6,500 Training And Education Places For Jobseekers.

MOMENTUM projects are designed to create a dynamic environment where talented and motivated people work together to make a difference in their lives and careers. This is an opportunity to focus your talent, increase your skills, reveal your potential to employers and gain access to job vacancies.

The Department of Social Protection (MOMENTUM) will fund the provision of free education and training projects at Pitman Training in Cork, Kerry and Waterford. This training will allow a limited number of jobseekers (who are unemployed for 12 months or more) to gain skills and to access work opportunities in identified growing sectors of Medical and Legal Administration, Accounts and Bookkeeping. You can walk away after completing this course with a funded Medical Secretary Diploma and straight into employment.

This program is ideal for anyone who is currently unemployed and is interested in completing a Medical or Legal Secretary diploma or alternatively a Finance Admin & Payroll Diploma with Pitman Training. A fantastic opportunity for those out there that would like to avail of it. The Momentum course will provide eligible jobseekers with access to a range of quality education and training projects, links to identified job vacancies and employers, work placement and support relevant industry.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be unemployed for 12 months or longer 
  •  Be in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Benefit or on the Live Register for 12 months or longer (signing on for Social Insurance Contribution Credits for 12 months or longer) 
  • Be actively seeking work
We here at Pitman Training have a fantastic record of providing students with employment. We are the most successful training organisation in Ireland with over 77% of students employed within 6 months of graduating. Allied to this is the fact that 96% of our students would recommend us to a friend. This opportunity is really a win/win situation for anyone out there that fits the criteria and would like to progress in their career. 

If you would like any further information about the Momentum Project, or have any questions or queries you can always call or text me directly on my mobile (087 6828225) and I would be happy to be of some assistance. 

Niamh O' Connell, Course Advisor, Pitman Training Kerry, Cork, Waterford

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