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Payroll - Manual & Computerised Training

Payroll is an essential skill that’s in demand by nearly every employer. If you wish to understand and be able to handle the payroll processes, this training course is the perfect starting point. You will learn about the latest Tax (PAYE) and Social Insurance (PRSI) processes required by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, and the latest changes incorporated in the annual budget. From Manual Payroll you progress to Computerised Payroll, applying your manual payroll skills to the popular payroll software, Sage QuickPay.
The Manual section of the course includes a summary of the latest Budget changes, gross pay calculations, tax credits and the standard rate cut-off point certificate, PAYE calculations, joint and single assessments, disability benefits, Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), Universal Social Charge Levy (USC), the payroll ledger and statutory tax returns.
In the Computerised section the lessons include getting started using Sage QuickPay, checking the PAYE and PRSI classes tables, checking the PRSI earning bands, setting up bank details and employee details, set period, timesheets, reports, backup and restore as well as extensive consolidation exercises in both sections.
We'll build on your aptitude for figures and your basic knowledge of Excel to give you an invaluable skill. This course is designed for flexible learning - so you can fit it around your life and progress at your own pace. If the need arises, our course advisors will also be on hand to provide expert help whenever you need it. The knowledge you gain will also enable you to gain FETAC Award 5N1546 and you'll keep your workbook as a handy reference guide.
What's more, you'll always have the invaluable Pitman Training name on your CV. And if you’re looking for a career in book-keeping or HR, you might consider our Foundation in Book-keeping Diploma or our Pitman Training Advanced Accounts Diploma, both of which provide essential skills for the workplace.

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